Indiana Evans is known for her roles in Australian TV shows, especially Home and Away and H2O: Just Add Water. However, her popularity has grown since a fanfiction writer pictured her as the main character of her story, which is called After.

Posted by Bea July 30, 2013

Here I bring some more pictures of latest Indiana’s photoshoot, 14 HQ photos in which she looks flawless! They are not the original pictures of the photo session, but candids. Enjoy!

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Posted by Bea July 30, 2013

We have found the words Indiana have said about her new project! She told News Limited that she is excited but also nervous about the role and that she is hoping to sizzle on the screen just as Brooke Shields did. Find the source here

“It is so exciting and the role did such great things for Brooke Shields, but it’s also nerve-racking. When you do a remake, there’s a lot of pressure because people always love the original. I watched it and Brooke is devastatingly beautiful, so that adds even more pressure. I’m a bit nervous. I have always been ambitious about getting a US role, and if ever there is some frustration, it is still encouraging to get close to big roles because it implies there is somewhere to go. If I was getting nowhere with it, I think I would get more frustrated and wonder why I was doing this. This is certainly a step forward.”

Please, credit if you copy the following image in which I have mixed pictures of Brooke Shields in ‘The Blue Lagoon’ (1980), Milla Jovovich in ‘Return to the blue lagoon’ (1991) and Indiana so we can see that they really look like each other. Gorgeous!

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Posted by Bea July 30, 2013

The Telegraph Australia has announced that Indiana will be playing the leading role in Lifetime’s remake of 1980 film ‘The Blue Lagoon’ with Australian actor Brenton Thwaites. Lifetime has been developing this project since 2004. The movie shows the story of a boy and a girl marooned on an island where they grow up together and they fall in love. Filming is scheduled to start this month in Puerto Rico.

Famous blogger Perez Hilton has said that if history repeats itself [and the remake achieves success such as the original movie’s], this role will be the beginning of Indiana Evans’ rise to international stardom.

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Posted by Bea July 30, 2013

And FINALLY we can enjoy a completely new Indiana’s photosession! Indi posed to Rohan Kelly in Shark Beach (Sydney) on February 8th. It seems like she attended the Napoleon Perdis Counter Attack event the same day. All of the pictures are LQ but at least we can see how stunning looks is Indiana right now. She shows such a beutiful hair and a flawless smile in the photos.

We will update HQ pictures behind the scenes of the new photo session as soon as we solve some gallery problems.

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