Indiana Evans is known for her roles in Australian TV shows, especially Home and Away and H2O: Just Add Water. However, her popularity has grown since a fanfiction writer pictured her as the main character of her story, which is called After.

Dec / 16 / 2015
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Finally! Here’s the first look of Indiana in new Starz’s TV series Ash vs Evil Dead. She will only appear in two episodes (we can only imagine what’s going to happen to her character, giving the genre of the show), but the first one is about to air! For those who are in the US, the 8th episode of Ash vs Evil Dead’s first season will air next Saturday, December 19th and it’s titled Ashes to Ashes. Click here to learn more. Meanwhile, here is an episode still of Indiana alongside Samara Weaving (a.k.a the actress who is always mistaken as Indiana, since they kind of have similar features). She looks beautiful with those bangs!


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